The research team

Our team comprises of five Psychologists with a shared interest in sexualities and gender.  Each of us is affiliated to a tertiary institution and/or research council in South Africa, Poland, or India.


Dr Tracy Morison (

I am a childfree research psychologist with a PhD in Psychology.  My doctoral research focused on the decision-making process related to becoming a first-time parent or not. I am currently working on a book that reports on the findings. I have lecturered, done freelance editing, and consultancy-based research and now work as a research specialist at the Human Sciences Research Council, where I hold a postdoctoral fellowship.  I am a Research Associate of the Department of Psychology at Rhodes University where I obtained my qualifications. I work in the broad area of sexualities and reproduction. My commitment, in my personal life and academic work, is to questioning the taken-for-granted in relation to sexuality and parenting.

Dr Ingrid Lynch

I am a research psychologist and I work at an NGO called The Triangle Project where I am responsible for designing and implementing advocacy and lobbying programmes.  I am also a research associate at Rhodes Univeristy. I completed my PhD in Psychology, focused on bisexual identities. My research interests include reproductive decision-making, social aspects of gender and sexuality, LGBTI rights and feminist research methodologies. I am not childfree as I have a daughter, but I strongly value reproductive freedom and hope that my involvement in this area of research can contribute to the choice to remain childfree being increasingly recognised as a legitimate option.


Magda Mijas (

I am PhD candidate in the Institute of Psychology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. I am currently writing a thesis on the concept of sexual inversion in the scientific theories of female homosexuality. I teach courses in psychology of sexuality, LGBTQ psychologies and theories of personality. My research interests include history of sexuality and sexology, theories of sexual difference in psychoanalysis and feminism and LGBTQ sexualities. I’m “child-curious” but currently preparing with my childfree identified partner to adopt a pointer.


Seemanthini Tumkur Shivakumar (

I am a research scholar in Psychology pursuing doctoral work at Mangalore University. I am currently involved with research in understanding the context of India with regard to reproductive choices. The current opportunity gives me an opening to learn, do research, get associated, and contribute directly as well as indirectly to the knowledge around reproductive decision-making. I am willing to learn more specifically about being childfree – as a choice.


We gratefully acknowledge the generous financial assistance from the Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction Research programme based at Rhodes University, South Africa, headed by our group mentor, Professor Catriona Macleod.

Prof Catriona Macleod (

I am a Professor of Psychology at Rhodes University (South Africa) and a B-rated social scientist. My major scholastic contributions have been in two main areas: sexual and reproductive health and feminist theory in Psychology. I have written extensively in national and international journals in relation to teenage pregnancy, abortion, sex education, feminist psychology and post-colonialism. I am sole-author of a book entitled ‘Adolescence’, pregnancy and abortion: constructing a threat of degeneration (published by Routledge) which was awarded the Distinguished Publication Award by the Association for Women in Psychology, based in America. I am author of the Department of Health (2010) document, Strategy framework. Sexual and reproductive health amongst adolescents: comprehensive preventive and promotion strategies that will inform the Department of Health’s national planning regarding adolescent sexual and reproductive health services. I sit on the editorial boards of national journals as well the prestigious international journal Feminism & Psychology. I received Vice-Chancellor awards for my research from the Universities of Zululand and Fort Hare, and research funding from the Johan Jacobs Foundation, the NRF, SANPAD, and the Mellon Foundation.


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