Calling childfree South Africans!

Calling childfree South Africans!

One of the aims of this multi-national research project about is to explore the experiences of childfree people from South Africa, India and Poland, which are all countries with strong pronatalist values. (Read more about the study on the About page.) We’d really like people to be involved and for their voices to come through in this study — which we hope will go some way to making the childfree choice a legitimate one.

If you are South African, we’d love to hear from you.
To take part you can take our survey or you can your tell us thoughts on being childfree in South Africa. Also feel free to comment on any of the blog posts or to visit our Facebook page. You might find the latest post particularly interesting since it discusses our president’s recent remarks about having kids.

Please consider following our blog as we’ll be posting discussions, thoughts and opinions that might interest you and we’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

Thanks for being part of our study!


2 Responses to SOUTH AFRICANS

  1. What do you think about benefits and policies that exclusively support working parents (paid parental leave, flexi-time and telecommuing)? Some say these are unfair and require others at work to pick up the slack. What do childfree South African people have to say?

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