Here is a piece one of our team members posted on earlier this year.


By Tracy Morison

“Where there is only one real option and no genuine choice there is no autonomy” (Diana Tietjens Meyers)

As feminists we often speak of reproductive choice and freedom. Most would agree that reproductive rights are central to the advancement of women’s rights. Of course, the issue of women’s reproductive rights are by no means a neatly sewn up issue—whether we cast our eyes West or East—but most people would, in principle, support the idea of choosing not to have children (in Westernised contexts at least). Yet, when presented with the idea, most seem to be incredulous and defensive, some even hostile. Examples of these kinds of reactions appear in the Facebook posts below, responding to a link from my research group’s blog and an article about the normality of not wanting children.

[A] I think that with the way the world is at the moment, bearing a…

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