Interesting fertility stats in SAs latest census – Where are the childfree?

Where are the childfree South Africans?

According to a report in The Sunday Independent, the latest South African census results, and other demographic studies, indicate that access to education and opportunities has resulted in women having fewer children and getting married later in life. You can read the article below. What struck the research team was:

  • the lack of commentary on people choosing not to have children at all – the pronatalist assumption that people want to and will have children seems to be alive and well
  • the observation that people are postponing childbearing until certain conditions are met – the implication is that people would have children if they could–voluntary childlessness is not considered
  • the link between education and having fewer children
  • the marriage-procreation bond (see The Baby Matrix)the issue here is not that people reproduce within marital unions, but rather when it is assumed that married people will inevitably have kids (so that procreation becomes the purpose of marriage) married people find it difficult to choose otherwise and those without children face much stigma

What are your observations and thoughts?

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