How to take part

We’ve had a number of responses to our research, a big

Thank you!

to those who have participated.  If you haven’t yet, we’d really value your input, and there are several ways that you can contribute:

1. Fill out a quick questionnaire:
Click here to take survey

2. Provide info on our blog site

3. Participate in discussions on The Childfree Life — an online community for childfree people
The discussion topics have been posted in this forum (‘Ask The Chilfree’) by TracyM. They are as follows:

How do you explain yourself to others?
Regrets or reservations?
Do you get/need support as a person who is childfree?

You don’t need to register if you’re not a member, you can participate as a guest.

Thanks again for your assistance with our study. Look out for the results online.

The Childfree Choice Research Team

Please note that:
•Ethical clearance for this study has been granted by Institutional Review Boards at Rhodes University and the University of Pretoria (South Africa).
•We will ensure that your identity is not recorded in any of the research material to ensure that your participation remains anonymous.
•We will only use information which is offered by willing participants of the study. No archival data from online sites will be used.
•There are no immediate benefits to you personally from participating in this study, beyond being able to reflect on and share your thoughts, feelings and experiences about being childfree. By sharing your insights and experiences you will be contributing to the increased recognition of different reproductive choices.

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3 Responses to How to take part

  1. Our survey has been misbehaving with some folks, but I think we’ve managed to fix the glitch. I’ve posted a new link above. If the problem persists, please ignore the offending item (question 7). *Fingers crossed*

  2. #7 still doesn’t work right. Can’t select w/o being shunted off to another page.

  3. Thanks Brynn. Will have to just leave it in and ler people with problems ignore that one because some people have managed to fill it in.

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